Rare Black-Maned Ethiopian Lion Caught on Video by a National Geographic Explorer
A National Geographic explorer spotted the adult male on a recent expedition to Bale Mountains National Park.

A riveting encounter...

This indeed is a riveting encounter-  a Rare one - Black-Maned Lion spotted in the Bale Mountains National Park.

"What would you do if you suddenly ran into the king of beasts on a dark road in Ethiopia? " asks Jason Bittel of National Geographic, "Scream? Run? Faint?" on his piece about the brave National Geographic explorer, Çağan Şekercioğlu.

Acording to this National Geography article Çağan Şekercioğlu instead took a deep breath and kept his camera rolling from inside his vehicle, capturing a rare video of an Ethiopian lion. 

Here is the footage the explorer took:

“That night, we hit upon the best mammal of all,” says Şekercioğlu

African lions populations...

Most African lions live in the classic savannah habitat of sub-Saharan Africa, but there are a few populations scattered in other countries, including the mountains of Ethiopia.

Ethiopian lions, known for their unusually black manes, were feared extinct until a population of around 50 were rediscovered in 2016. 

Şekercioğlu says it took a lot of willpower to keep the camera steady through the open window when the male lion approached within a few feet of his vehicle. 

“Part of me was thinking, ‘This is great footage, and I have to keep still,’” he says. “The scientist part of my brain was super excited, but the regular person part just wanted to get out of there.”


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