5 Places Where You Can Have the Best Cup of Coffee in Addis
Coffee is seen everywhere in Ethiopia and smart travelers can't miss the coffee prepared by street vendors. Wherever you see locals drinking coffee, it's a good sign. At traditional coffee houses and the small huts along the streets, you can experience the Ethiopian coffee ceremony adapted to fast-paced life, while traditional coffee ceremony takes 1 hour easily.

1. Harar Coffee (Mokarar Coffee)

Harar Coffee (Mokarar Coffee)

Founded in 1944, it is a place for travelers to have a traditional Ethiopian coffee. The name in the sign is Mokarar Coffee, but the locals know it by the name Harar Coffee. Mokarar is located in front of Soramba Hotel.

2. TO.MO.CA Coffee

TO.MO.CA Coffee

Founded in 1953, Tomoca is one of the most renowned cafes in Addis Ababa. There is no place for sitting while drinking your coffee; it's that place with stand-up tables. They also sell coffee beans.


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