4 reasons why Ethiopians prefer Telegram over other social apps
Social media provided a platform by which people can express themselves and interact with others who have similar and/or different ideas. This holds true both in advanced as well as developing countries. Even countries with limited access to the Internet. Ethiopian, being one of them, it is using more of Telegram compared to African countries dominated by Whatsup.

1. Ease of use

Ease of use

Gaining access to the internet is still very difficult in Ethiopia, with internet penetration at just 15% for its over 105 million population. And even though over 53 million people have mobile connectivity, just 3.8 million of them are active social media users. Part of the problem is that data is expensive and not competitive, given the government’s monopoly over all mobile and internet services through the state-owned Ethio Telecom.

2. Secured connection

Secured connection

3. Tool for political activism

Tool for political activism

4. Marketing platform

Marketing platform

The digital finance services delivery system is still in its infancy in Ethiopia, and the country has a long way to go in building its e-commerce system. But Telegram has allowed retailers and entrepreneurs a cost-effective way to promote products and provide timely and consistent information to customers. Users are also able to pay for goods and services.


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