20 Most Watched Historic Pathé Documentaries on Ethiopia
Here are 20 of the most watched youtube videos of historic documentaries on Ethiopia by Pathé.

1. Royal Tour Of Ethiopia (1965)

Various shots of Queen Elizabeth II and Emperor Haile Selassie visiting some waterfalls, Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip) is also present. Various shots Queen, Duke and Emperor watching tribal elders perform ceremony from dias. Various shots Queen visiting large church, where men are in ornate robes and women wear white headdresses. Various shots Queen in Eritrea where crowds dance in street and brass bands play. Queen drives through a city in open topped car,

2. Haile Selassie Enters Addis Ababa (1941)

Various shots of jubilant Ethiopians in the streets of Addis Ababa. M/S of Selassie leaving his car and being greeted by his subjects. Various shots of Emperor Haile Selassie as he goes to the Cathedral of St George for a thanksgiving service, good C/Us of armed tribesmen who are in the crowd. Good shots of the procession to the Palace with the Emperor seated in an open car. Various shots of Selassie with Lieutenant General Cunningham arriving at the Palace. C/U of Selassie speaking to a vast crowd from the balcony of the Palace, pan to a C/U of his son Duke of Harar who stands beside his father. C/U of Selassie seated at his desk in the Palace.

3. The 16 Year Old Crown Prince Of Ethiopia (1932)

Crown Prince of Ethiopia gets out of car and walks towards building, a priest stands in the foreground, ready to greet him. Prince leaving building through large door of Notre Dame Cathedral. He is followed by a large group of people. He raises his hat and shakes hands with a priest.

4. Duke And Duchess Of Gloucester Visit Ethiopia Roll 2 (1958)

Scenes outside Borama Local Council offices. Various shots of Duke and Duchess arriving, of them alighting from car and entering building. Interior, Council in session with Duke addressed. LS.Duchess receiving bouquet. Duke presents gifts to elders and chiefs. Various shots of Sultans and Sheikhs in garden. Duke and Duchess walk around garden informally and meet local people making goodwill amongst them. Duke's car leaves for Nabadid. Scenes at Nabadid, where horsemen salute their Royal Highnesses with charge of horses. Duke presents four camels to Chief of Nabadid as a gift from the Queen. Duke and Duchess get into car and are driven away.

5. The Fall Of Addis Ababa - Pathe Gazette Special (1941)

Various shots of the deserted town of Diredows which is on the main line to Addis Ababa. Various shots of interiors of deserted rooms in houses, looks like they've been ransacked. L/S of the railway station at Diredows which was bombed by the allies. Various shots of the railway workshops damaged by bombing.

6. King Of Abyssinia Ethiopia (1935)

King of Abyssinia attends military review at Addis Ababa.

7. British Royalty Visits Ethiopia and The King of kings Qedamawi Haile Selassie 1st

In this video british royalty visits Ethiopia and His Imperial Majesty, Qedamawi Haile Selassie Ist, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, King of Kings, Emperor of Ethiopia, Elect of God.

    8. Haile Selassie In Malta - British Pathe (1954)

    The Emperor of Ethiopia (Abyssinia) Haile Selassie visits the George Cross Island while on his way to Great Britain. Also his 'inspection' on St. Paul's Islands. The Governor Sir Robert Laycock and Archbishop Gonzi present.

    9. Royal Visit To Africa (1965)

    Various shots men laying red carpet on airport tarmac. M/S military band. L/S Emperor Haile Selassie waiting. L/S Royal VC10 aeroplane landing. L/S Crown Prince of Ethiopia. Various shots Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip). C/U schoolboys waving. M/S Queen and Haile Selassie, Crown prince and Duke follows. Various shots Queen and Duke travelling through streets of Addis Ababa in horse drawn carriage, they pass cheering crowds. The horse drawn carriage arrives at Royal Palace, where brass band welcomes visitors. Various lions and sentry guards in Palace grounds. Various shots Haile Selassie and Royal visitors at banquet table.

    10. Italian Troops Enter Addis Ababa (1936)

    Italian troops cross large Ethiopian plain. They are mainly native troops in Italian uniform. They are travelling in lorries. Travel shot from a lorry showing Ethiopian people around large Red Cross flag. Some locals clap as Italian vehicles go past. They now are entering a more built up are - presumably Addis Ababa. People are out in the streets to see the troops arrive. Italian troops relax outside a building. Shots of damage caused to buildings in the fighting to take the city. Dead bodies lie on a street corner. More shots of destruction. Shots of Addis Ababa railway station. Man with dog walks amongst rubble. Train arrives at station. Italian dignitaries arrive. More shots of damage to buildings. Family with furniture piled outside home. More shots of troops coming into city and people leaving.

    11. Emperor Of Ethiopia Haile Selassie In Hungary (1964)

    MS. Feet of lots of Ethiopian people marching along road, Most of them bare footed in 1935. A shot of Ethiopian war ships in line of convoy. VS. Ethiopian tribesmen on horseback in 1935. VS. Soldiers, one with huge head of hair. MS. Haile Selassie boarding small plane. VS. Selassie speaking at League of Nations. VS. Flashback of Ethiopia at war MS. Flashback Selassie in open car. VS. Selassie being welcomed in Russia by Mr. Nikita Khruschev. LS. Selassie and Khruschev wave from open car. MS. Selassie greeting the crowd on his arrival in Budapest. VS. At talks with Hungarian leaders. VS. Haile Selassie in Hungary.

    12. Repatriation Of Italian Prisoners From Ethiopia (1943)

    Various shots of the luggage belonging to women and children of Italian colonists being searched by Australian troops before they depart from Ethiopia. Soap, tea and sugar are some of the things they try to get out of the country with them. Several shots of the Italians getting at the back of army lorries to be transported to the coast. Lorries pass the internment camps where the Italian men are kept. Various shots, at an unknown port, of the Italians as they leave their lorries. They are fed and transported out to three liners standing off shore. The women and children seem to be very happy to be going home.

    13. Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia, inspects troops at Addis Ababa (1947)

    Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia, inspects troops at Addis Ababa.

    14. Haile Selassie Accepts Eritrea Aka Eritrea & Ethiopia Pact (1952)

     Haile Selassie Accepts Eritrea Aka Eritrea & Ethiopia Pact (1952).

    15. Tito's Visit To Ethiopia

    Tito's Visit To Ethiopia.

    16. Duke And Duchess Visit Ethiopia Roll 1 (1958)

    Duke And Duchess Visit Ethiopia Roll 1 (1958).

    17. ABYSSINIA'S ARMY, 1935 - British Pathe


    18. Selected Originals - Duke In Ethiopia (1958)

    Selected Originals - Duke In Ethiopia (1958).

    19. Ethiopia's New Deal (1955)

    Ethiopia's New Deal (1955).

    20. Duke And Duchess Of Gloucester Visit Ethiopia (1958)

    Duke And Duchess Of Gloucester Visit Ethiopia (1958).


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