10 Most Watched Hottest Music Videos on Youtube in April 2017
Here are 10 of the most watched hottest Ethiopian music videos on Youtube in April 2017. Teddy Afro's 'Ethiopia' single tops with over 2.3 million viewership. Dawit Alemayehu's Ethiopiaye is on the fourth place with over 300,000 views. Wendi Mak 's Jeba and Jacky Gosee 's New Album Teaser is also in the list. The second most watched Ethiopian music videos is Temesghen Yared's Lilo (ሊሎ) Engineer Asgedom Remix.

1. Teddy Afro's ETHIOPIA( ኢትዮጵያ) Single With Lyrics 2,369,657 views

2. Temesghen Yared's Lilo (ሊሎ) - Engineer Asgedom - ( Remix ) 549,126 views


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